Hari K

Designation: Manager- Projects

Company Name: Aqualis Inspection Services

Country: United Arab Emirates ????????

Source : LinkedIn

Business comes with honesty and genuineness towards the product in hand. Such nature is highly rated with Benny and a wonderful person to deal with on the graph of businesses. A prompt responsive person with the clarity of vision towards the forward path. Wishing you all success for the path ahead.

Rajasekar Selvam

Designation: Inspection Engineer

Company Name:

Country: India

Source : LinkedIn

Truly saying you're the inspiration for young entrepreneurs. Your dedication towards the job, commitments to clients and taking care of employees making the right choice for everyone.. Your strategy towards success is motivational for me too. Wishing you to attain more heights and joy in life..

reetesh kedambadi

Designation: Business Manager

Company Name: Sirius Technologies

Country: India

Source : LinkedIn

Mr Surya is a true professional, always keeps His commitments, Our firm has been able to associate on several occasions and We appreciate all the support provided, keep up the Good work, best wishes to Your Establishment and You for all the future endeavors.


Designation: NDT inspector

Company Name: Syed ajeez basha

Country: Saudi Arabia

Source : LinkedIn

Wounderfull person to be with through professional and as person . Very much committed to the task . Mainly the positive attitude throughout everything is the key to success which I saw . I wish a great success ahead in all stages of your life and be inspiring other people .

Manoj Jonam

Designation: Technical manager

Company Name: Discover group

Country: India

Source : LinkedIn

Benny my Partner is an extraordinary person that always has something positive to share. We are together a decade since 2009 as a friend as brother and a co worker in a organization with many obstacles ups and down but we are there at all the certain days and Gods grace we are efficient at the market with happy customers and still to count. Benny is always looking for the gold, even in the midst of challenges. When you are going through any turbulence in your life and you are not sure what to do, Benny is the person you should talk to. He assists you by guiding you to get your own answers and always encourages you to never give up and always follow your heart. He is someone I would recommend to listen to if you are looking to go to the next level in your life.

Ganesh Babu

Designation: AGM / NDT L 3

Company Name: Ganesh

Country: UAE

Source : LinkedIn

*Very glad to see your growth in a short period.Your commitment and dedication is really an inspiration for today's generation. Amazed by how you maintain your performance while taking on even more work.Keep working like this, and nothing will be able to stop you....Wish you all good luck .*

Krish Kumar

Designation: Lead Lifting inspector

Company Name: OES

Country: Middle East

Source : FaceBook

Never missed a promised words, because of the truthfulness benny attained this level. Asking the drawbacks after purchasing the products will make the customers requirements and satisfaction.

Aravind Kumar D

Designation: Advanced NDT Business Development Head

Company Name: U-sonix

Country: India

Source : LinkedIn

I'm very happy on seeing his personal blog page. I was ex-employee of Discover Group's, where I learned a lot about human mentalities, discipline, leadership and the way to move forward in difficult times of life. And apart from the business, company and bla bla, We both are friend's at first place. He has supported me in many ways and he is a wonderful person to be around. My wishes and prayers will be with him on his journey of sucess in life.

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